“I love how Dan emphasizes the fundamentals
of story telling. A great script starts with a solid
structure and that’s what one learns in Dan’s

-Ryu Miyaki, four-time Act Four client and
winner of Amazon Studios Script of the Month
$20,000 Prize

Story Maps Master Class: Write, Rewrite, Submit!

The Story Maps Master Class is for serious screenwriters who are willing to dedicate themselves to writing a winning screenplay for the current spec script market in Hollywood.

“If you are looking for someone who combines
expert analysis with incredible credentials and experience,
put Daniel Calvisi in your script analyst black book.”

-Script Magazine.

The Story Maps Master Class is a proven screenwriting program that guides you from logline to submission-ready spec script, offering you reliable, detailed notes from:

  • A teacher with 15 years of experience and extensive film industry credentials
  • At least two current, working professionals in the movie industry in Los Angeles (Past pro advisors have included Managers, a Literary Coordinator from one of the top five agencies, a Creative Executive from a major studio-based production company, a development executive and a six-figure screenwriter.)
  • Your fellow writers

That’s a lot of notes!

In many online screenwriting courses, you’re lucky to get your instructor’s notes on ONE assignment. I give you notes every week on every assignment.

“Dan’s class is fantastic. From concept to
execution, his feedback each week has been
a huge help. His industry connections add
another dimension with insight from current
professionals. His format allows you to keep
your own pace and match your own goals.
The group setting is great for the creative
process. I really feel like my writing has improved
in general and the script I’m working on
has been taken to the next level!”

-Mandy Cohen, Group and Private Master Class student

“Dan, thank you for your support and professionalism.
First of all, I learned so much from your critiques and I
appreciate the way you pushed me to do better all the time.
I also now understand more about the business after the
critique from the industry advisors. It inspires me to
improve myself!”
Max Badier, Private Master Class Student

In the Master Class, you may write alone, but you’re never on your own. Whether you’re in a group class or working privately with me, I foster a supportive, positive environment that’s focused on the craft, the work and the real world, not on theory.


I bring in working professionals in the film and TV business to give Master Class writers feedback on their loglines, pitches and script pages as well as targeted advice on the industry. Past pros have included managers, producers, agency assistants, story analysts, pro screenwriters and more.

Perhaps most exciting of all, for those who complete their screenplay and get it to a high level of quality, an advisor will often read it and consider it for representation or development. Please keep in mind that not every writer in the program completes their screenplay and there is no guarantee of an advisor’s evaluation of your completed screenplay. But, at the least, this course gives you exposure that you would rarely get as an unsolicited writer.


My goal is to get one of my writers repped by a top manager and agency. From there, they will have an experienced team behind them to take their polished work to the current screenplay market in Hollywood.

I can’t promise success, but I can promise that I will always work as hard as I can to guide your writing and to expose you and your work to the industry. If you’re willing to work hard enough, to develop that BIG IDEA into a GREAT SCRIPT that Hollywood didn’t know it needed, then we will help you to build a pipeline that gets you and your material into the right hands.

“”Your course is awesome!  This is the first “structure”
that I feel comfortable with. You’re also very good with
feedback and you have a sense of humor that keeps
me from taking my writing too serious. I like that.
I need that. I think all writers do.  You state your observations
clearly and professionally without being overly critical.
That encourages progress.”
-Regina Scott, Private Master Class student

I’m getting a lot out of the Master Class.
I’ve developed a real appreciation for the
structure and strategy of screenwriting.
Hopefully my “voice” will emerge with more
sweat equity. It’s been a good investment.”
-Steve Frisina, Group Master Class student

This is not just another screenwriting class. The goal of this program is to get motivated and talented writers REPPED, SUBMITTED and SOLD.

In the Master Class, you begin by workshopping three loglines, two of which you will rewrite, submit to our industry advisors and then story map. Armed with notes from me, the advisors and your peers, you will then choose one concept to turn into a screenplay. I guarantee that you will be surprised by some of the feedback you get on your concepts, as no writer can be fully objective about their own work nor can they predict industry response.


GROUP CLASS* (3-6 writers):

  • $600 for Stage One, Weeks 1-8
  • $250 for Stage Two, Weeks 9-12
  • $250 for Stage Three, Weeks 13-16
  • BONUS: Extra month for free, if you book Stage Two and Three in Week 8.

*Group classes are scheduled only a few times per year. Email me to inquire about the next open dates. Newbies and veterans alike are welcome as I try my best to group by experience level.


  • $800 for Stage One, Weeks 1-8
  • $350 for Stage Two, Weeks 9-12
  • $350 for Stage Three, Weeks 13-16
  • BONUS: Extra month for free, if you book Stage Two and Three in Week 8.

TO APPLY FOR THE MASTER CLASS, please email your best screenwriting sample (feature or short, minimum 15 pages) and a one paragraph bio to me at dan at actfourscreenplays dot com. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via this site or by the email address above.


Daniel Calvisi
(About Me)

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Special Offer on Story Maps E-Books“Dan has created a book that is straightforward and full of valuable insight and guidance for screenwriters at different experience levels.”
-Laurie Lamson, Editor, Now Write! Screenwriting