Firstly, I need to make it clear what I am NOT: I am not an Agent and I am not a  “coverage service” that farms out your script to freelance Readers for a quick evaluation.

I am a Los Angeles-based Consultant who has years of experience evaluating professional submissions to major production companies and movie studios and working directly with writers on their narrative stories. I will read and analyze your work and advise you on how I think it can be improved to boost its level of CRAFT and COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL. I have been working directly with writers like yourself for over 20 years.

Incredible Credentials

I am the only person who will read and analyze your work. I will approach the first read of your script as a Reader on the job who was just handed a cold submission, thus you will benefit from a simulation of the critique of the submission/coverage process and the solutions offered in detailed story notes.

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My consultations provide you with specific advice on producing a stronger draft closer to the level of quality that major Hollywood production companies demand from a professional submission. My notes are always very particular and thorough; I offer constructive criticism without pulling punches, followed by positive strategies for solutions. I am very supportive and encouraging, but also very tough and direct, for the express reason that this industry is incredibly tough and you face a lot of competition.

Your work has to be GREAT, not just good, to get past the pro Readers and move up the ladder.

I can assure you that much of my unique insight comes from my industry experience. I also keep up to date on spec script sales, the development slates of the major studios and production companies and the “buzz” in Hollywood in regards to scripted material. (For more on my credentials, see: Why Hire Me? To read a glowing review of my services in Script Magazine online, click here.)

My approach is not to be “on the clock.” I don’t charge for every hour of my time; my consultations are a flat fee. I will give you the exact amount of notes I feel are necessary for you to produce a stronger draft, according to my best assessment of your writing level; I won’t pad my analysis with a long synopsis or supplementary materials. This is not a guarantee of success, but in my opinion it is the best help you can get.

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Dan Calvisi

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Good luck, happy writing and I hope to work with you soon!