From “Script Analysts: When you need a good second opinion about a questionable First Draft:”

If you are looking for someone who combines expert analysis with incredible credentials and experience, put Daniel Calvisi in your script analyst black book. Calvisi…did an incredible job of providing feedback regarding which elements, characters, plot points and dramatic focus should be highlighted… Calvisi’s primary expertise is screenplay analysis and his background in this area is very, very impressive. He has worked as a reader for some of the biggest studios in the business and worked for executives who have developed features such as Cold Mountain and Chicago. Former employers include Miramax Films, Dimension Films, Twentieth Century Fox, New Line Cinema, Polygram Filmed Entertainment and Clinica Estetico Films. He has also provided coverage for several novels written by some of the most popular novelists working today and has worked with private clients as a story consultant since 1998. His resumé is quite extraordinary and he balances professionalism and experience with a gentle-but-guiding demeanor. He can provide incisive analysis and feedback on notes or an outline, a full treatment or a complete feature screenplay. If you are looking for a script analyst who brings impeccable credentials, skill and diplomacy to the job, Calvisi is hard to beat.


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