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Dan Calvisi

When notes aren’t enough and you want to hire a professional screenwriter to write or polish your screenplay, I can help.

If you are serious about hiring a pro writer to execute on the page at the level the industry demands, then please contact me and we can talk further. Please keep in mind that Script Doctoring is substantially more expensive than a script consultation.

To be clear, Script Doctoring is when I’m actually making creative changes to your film or television screenplay as a co-writer, as opposed to giving you notes for your next draft. I can also perform rewrites on other material, such as short films, game scripts, pitches, bibles, treatments, comedy sketches and project proposals. I can provide writing samples in several different formats and genres for your review.

I will quote you a rate once I get more information about your project. Credit will be agreed upon by both parties and specified in the contract. I am open to “blind” rewrites where I do not receive credit. (See also: Why Hire Me?)

To inquire further… email me.


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