Get professional feedback on your television pilot script. I will read any genre, style or format. One hour… 30-minute…web series…just keep it in the range of 25-65 pages.

What you get:

  • “STORY MAPS: TV Drama” e-book and worksheet. My e-book on TV pilot structure offers the first-ever beat sheet paradigm for the one-hour TV format, citing many hit shows as case studies, and I include a Story Map worksheet for you to break down your own story. I also have worksheets for the 30-minute sitcom and 30-minute dramedy formats.
  • Electronic notes embedded in your PDF, with highlighting and red-lining. My specific reactions as I read your script, pinpointed to the exact moment when I recognize an issue of clarity, character, pacing, format, style or any other concern that I feel affects the reader experience. Also includes limited copy-editing to help you proof your document.
  • 15 Crucial Story Questions for TV Pilots worksheet. This 2-page typed sheet evaluates how your script addresses 15 essential story elements. It includes a scoring grid rated on Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor and detailed notes.
  • A final “wrap-up” note on major topics like concept, genre, characters, act structure, theme, style and voice. Commercial analysis with a comparison to current shows and how your pilot fits in the marketplace.
  • 1-hour, recorded Zoom conference.

Cost: $399

Availability is extremely limited, please inquire and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can… email me.


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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Hi Dan,

    My writing partner and I are finishing up a 1/2 hour single camera comedy pilot. Do you only consult on hour long dramas? Thanks in advance.

    Mark Haapala


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