Get professional feedback on your television pilot script. I will read any genre, style or format. One hour… 30-minute…web series…just keep it in the range of 25-65 pages.

What you get:

  • “STORY MAPS: TV Drama” e-book. My e-book on TV pilot structure offers the first-ever beat sheet paradigm for the one-hour TV format, citing many hit shows as case studies, with complete Beat Sheets of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Mr. Robot, Scandal, True Detective, Mad Men, House of Cards and Breaking Bad. (I also have a 30-minute pilot beat sheet doc and webinar, citing case studies of shows like Modern Family, Veep, Transparent and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.)
  • Electronic notes embedded in your document, with highlighting and red-lining. My specific reactions as I read your script, pinpointed to the exact moment when I recognize an issue of clarity, character, pacing, format, style or any other concern that I feel affects the reader experience. Also includes limited copy-editing to help you proof your document.
  • 15 Crucial Story Questions for TV Pilots worksheet. This 2-page typed sheet evaluates how your script addresses 15 essential story elements. It includes a scoring grid rated on Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor and detailed notes.
  • A final “wrap-up” note on major topics like concept, genre, characters, act structure, theme, style and voice. Commercial analysis with a comparison to current shows and how your pilot fits in the marketplace. The equivalent of 2-3 pages of typed notes.
  • 1-hour follow-up conference by phone/skype.

Cost: $299

To inquire about availability… email me.