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Would you like a crash course in the Story Maps screenwriting method with guidance from a professional Story Analyst?

The Story Map is not a formula; it is a story structure that is followed by almost every popular Hollywood film and scripted television series. It does not dictate your creative choices, it only provides a tried-and-true, industry standard framework to hold your choices. With this simple yet powerful exclusive worksheet, you can easily outline your screenplay to create a clear roadmap to guide you from the moment you type FADE IN.

With this low-price package, you will get the newest editions of the Story Maps books with bonus story maps, Dan Calvisi’s notes on two drafts of your original Story Map and a conference call to ask any questions you may have and to get Dan’s commercial assessment of your script’s potential in the marketplace.

Story Map your feature or TV pilot to success!


Story Maps by Daniel Calvisi book cover

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What you get:

  • Feature Length Screenplay track: Triple Bundle of Story Maps e-books in PDF format: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay, 12 (+1!) Great Screenplays and The Films of Christopher Nolan plus 4 bonus maps (30 Story Maps total!)
  • TV Pilot Script track: Story Maps: TV Drama e-book in PDF plus 5 bonus maps (including 4 half-hour show maps; 13 Story Maps total!)
  • Worksheet to write your own Story Map (Choose feature, 1-hour, 30-min sitcom, or 30-min dramedy worksheet)
  • Two rounds of analysis from Dan via email on your Story Map worksheet
  • Commercial Evaluation: How your concept and map fit into the marketplace and how you can best focus your story on a commercially proven genre and audience
  • 30-minute phone/Zoom conference with Dan

Cost: $149

Please contact me to book your consultation.

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2 replies
  1. Alluc
    Alluc says:

    Sounds interesting, I’m thinking about producing my own feature-length documentary in the future, but I still need quite a budget, promoting it is probably the hardest part after all.

  2. Craig Kirich
    Craig Kirich says:

    Hi Dan,
    I’ve bought your book and have been spreading the word to all the screenwriters I talk with, how it’s a must buy for the information on what a “reader” is going to do with their baby.

    I’ve started a new screenplay as the one I’m doing in ScreenwritingU pro-series is at a comfortable point. This one will be from start using your “technique,” of course all the books and SU will be in my head but the way I watch a movie now and the way I see my stories is all screwed up by your frickin’ book! So this one I will be placing in the hands of Daniel, i.e., sending it to you for notes asap.

    The close of the year is my goal for the 2nd draft of my current script and I plan to put it in your hands to tear it up before market. I already have some interest but we all know what that’s worth.



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