Man of Steel (2013)

This is the most detailed structural analysis of the blockbuster Man of Steel you will find anywhere. With Story Maps Screenwriting Podcast Episode VIII: Man of Steel, we wrap up our analyses of Christopher Nolan’s biggest films (here, Nolan acts as producer with co-story credit) with Man of Steel, written by David S. Goyer and directed by Zack Snyder. You can follow along with our Man of Steel Podcast with the Full Story Map for Man of Steel.

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“…as much as an analysis of Nolan the filmmaker as it is an analysis of story structure within his films.”
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    • StoryMapsDan
      StoryMapsDan says:

      Thanks Cameron, glad you dig it!
      On the Internal line topic, I think the big element to his arc was stepping out into the sun (so to speak) as Superman. He was reluctant to reveal his true self, alien powers and all, for reasons shown in flashback, so the challenge for the writers was to get him to the point where his decision to finally ‘come out’ is earned and a very satisfying payoff for the audience. Of course, since this is an action movie, this internal action is followed by external/shown kicking butt.
      Did you want to see more interaction with Lois to earn their kiss? I would have liked to have seen more Lois screen time and less Jor-El and Jonathan Kent, myself, but I thought the big kiss was justified.

  1. Cameron McGehee
    Cameron McGehee says:

    Great podcast guys. Awesome insight into this stuff. I need to get your book now and then I need to go watch Man of Steel again. After that I want to study the whole internal storyline. The whole internal transformation seems minimal, but maybe I just missed it.

    Just as a sidenote, it would be cool if you had a player on your site that could fast forward and reverse.



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