• Discover the common themes and techniques that bind the films of the blockbuster The Dark Knight trilogy

  • Navigate the mind-bending dream world of Inception

  • Decipher the meticulously crafted “film-as-illusion” that is The Prestige

  • Unravel Memento‘s ‘backwards’ narrative

Story Maps: The Films of Christopher Nolan functions quite eloquently as an intricately detailed and compelling look into one of today’s most successful working directors. Each [story map] works to bolster Calvisi and Rich’s original analysis of Nolan’s filmography and functions as much as an analysis of Nolan the filmmaker as it does an analysis of story structure within his films. -Brad Johnson, Script Magazine

Story Maps: The Films of Christopher Nolan is the most detailed analysis of this brilliant director’s storytelling techniques ever written, and is sold exclusively here in PDF format. PDF allows you to print the e-book, use the super-fast bookmark navigation and it also includes the blank Story Map Worksheet for your own use.

Unlock the storytelling secrets of some of the most popular and complex movies of all time: MEMENTO, BATMAN BEGINS, THE PRESTIGE, THE DARK KNIGHT, INCEPTION and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

“…ideas like utilizing a fractured narrative, parallel lines of action, thematic explorations of time and memory, and an obsessive and/or haunted hero – they lay the groundwork for their analysis of each individual film later on.” -Brad Johnson, Script Magazine

Christopher Nolan and his frequent writing partners David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan are known for complicated narratives that seem to break all of the rules of screenwriting structure and demand multiple viewings and intense analysis to understand. But when you see their movies broken down into the practical and accessible template known as the Story Map, the classic techniques and advanced writing methods of these densely-plotted masterpieces reveal themselves.

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I co-authored this book with Screenplay How To‘s William Robert Rich out of our mutual passion for Christopher Nolan’s movies and screenplays. We are fans first, having marveled at Nolan’s ability to weave a story while entertaining on an epic scale. As screenwriters and story analysts, we saw this book as a mighty challenge — honestly, these movies are the Mount Everest of Story Mapping!

“…Add in the fact that Calvisi and Rich include a story map worksheet to use on your own screenplay, or to analyze other scripts on your own, and you’ll more than get your money’s worth with this new addition to the Story Maps series.” -Brad Johnson, Script Magazine

Story Maps: The Films of Christopher Nolan is being sold as a high-quality PDF e-book EXCLUSIVELY on this site — just click on the image below.

I hope you enjoy the book and get as much out of it as we did writing it!

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Dan Calvisi

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