I truly believe that no writer should work in a vacuum. Doing the actual writing may be a solo effort, unless you work with a writing partner, but If you are serious about your craft and career, you should give thought to working with a professional writing coach. No pro athlete trains without the help of coaches and trainers, and no writer gets anywhere by writing alone, without professional-level input from truly experienced readers.

Every writer can benefit from the discipline and structure that a good coach and firm deadlines bring to the process. With me, you will get a mentor that is tough, insightful, supportive, nurturing, firm, fun and funny. Through weekly notes and conference calls, I will get to know your writing style and process and I will be able to cater help to you in a specific, intimate way that can only make your craft stronger. I will be your personal, go-to teacher, guidance counselor and mentor.

I have been guiding writers for over twenty years, and I’m here to offer you the breadth of my insights and analysis, honed from years in the industry working as a professional Story Analyst and in the field as a highly sought-after Consultant and Script Doctor. Sometimes you may need detailed notes…other times you may just need a sounding board or a positive voice in the mix. Whatever you need, I will be there to support you on your creative and commercial journey.

My coaching is simple: Every week, you get my notes (written or verbal) on up to 15 pages plus a one hour conference call (phone, Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom). Every conference call can be recorded for your download. And I am always available via email. I will read ANYTHING and give you my feedback on ANYTHING, be it screenplay, pilot, outline, treatment, pitch, query letter, fellowship application, pitch deck, series bible, whatever you got. If you just want to run an idea by me or talk about the latest box-office receipts, I’ll be available. If you want to show me the coverage you got from a recent contest submission or an email response from a producer, I’ll give you my two cents.

I coach beginners, experienced writers and even film/TV industry professionals who take time out of their busy schedules to work with me on their passion projects. My clients have included working professionals like Billy Rovzar, executive producer of “Mr. Avila” on HBO Latino, Matthew Cherry, writer/director of TV and film and Executive Producer of BlacKkKlansman, Dan Cronin, staff writer for Conan (TBS), Rick Bosner, producer (Fruitvale Station, Mapplethorpe), Emmy Laybourne, actress (Superstar) and author of the award-winning “Monument 14” YA book trilogy, travel writer Eric Hiss (Los Angeles Times and New York Times),  Fritz Manger, reality TV producer and producer of Deadly Adoption with Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig,  Binky Mendez, Mumbai-based writer/director whose credits include the CBC, Discovery Channel and Fox Star Studios India, Anzu Lawson, actress/writer/stand-up comic whose credits include The Blacklist, Fuller House and the L.A. Comedy Festival, and Victor Perez, award-winning director (Echo) and a world-renowned Visual-Effects Supervisor whose credits include The Dark Knight Rises and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


  • My notes on up to 15 pages of content per week (script pages, outlines, pitch decks, series bibles, cover letters, anything you want).

  • Weekly 1-hour conference call (phone, Skype, Google, Zoom).

  • Recording of each conference call.


$500 first month

$400 each month after.


$850 if you book two months to start. $400 each month after.

CONTACT ME ASAP if you are interested and I will check my schedule.

I look forward to working with you!

Dan Calvisi