write a christmas movie webinar with christine conradt

Supercharge your path to seeing your own Christmas movie on the small or big screen when a professional screenwriter with multiple Christmas movie credits on networks like Hallmark gives you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO WRITE AND SELL YOUR ORIGINAL CHRISTMAS MOVIE, including her notes on your logline.

Each year, dozens of fun, romantic and heart-warming Christmas movies hit platforms like Hallmark, Lifetime, Netflix and movie theaters worldwide. Learn about the entire process, from concept to sale, including how to break into this lucrative market, from a professional on the inside in this LIVE PRESENTATION AND Q&A on Saturday, December 2, 2023 at 10:00 AM Pacific.

Christine Conradt (imdb) is a writer, producer and director with over 100 produced credits, including screenwriter of FOUR original Christmas movies (Open By Christmas, On the 12th Date of Christmas, A Little Christmas Charm and 12 Days of Giving), all airing this year on Hallmark, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Amazon Prime. There is no one better to give you a direct window into every corner of the industry.

Don’t have an idea for a Christmas movie yet? That’s okay! This webinar and the exclusive materials (including an easy-to-follow Workbook) will give you everything you need to generate a fantastic concept, and you will have one week to work on it before you send it to Christine. The confirmation email from Zoom will detail the process for submitting your logline.

Christine Conradt wrote Open By Christmas on HallmarkChristine has experience selling pitches and spec screenplays, writing on assignment and writing, producing and directing independent feature films, including her Christmas movie 12 Days of Giving, which she sold to the UPtv network. Christine will also explain how 12 Days of Giving broke from the standard conventions of the modern holiday TV movie.

Christine only offers this webinar ONCE PER YEAR and it is NOT sold as a download afterward. The ONLY way to see it is to purchase it ahead of the live broadcast date and time. If you can’t watch it live, you may download it after, but only if you purchased it before Christine goes live.

No question goes unanswered.

Your ticket includes Christine’s notes on your original Christmas movie logline, delivered to you via direct email from Christine. No other webinar on this topic offers this service.

In this webinar, Christine will walk you through the process of conceptualizing, writing and marketing a Christmas screenplay. She will explain the differences in structure between theatrical and television and the nuances of writing for Lifetime vs. Hallmark. She will answer your questions on craft and career and give you tips on how to break in. Christine will walk you through how to create your own marketing plan and submission hit list for your script.

Join Christine on Saturday, December 2, 2023 at 10 AM Pacific for a once-per-year live webinar that includes a Q&A (no question goes unanswered), 2 exclusive documents prepared by Christine (a workbook and a structure template), and a personal critique of your logline emailed directly to you by Christine.

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot attend live, you will be sent a link to download the full recording of the webinar, but you must sign up before the webinar ends to get it. This webinar will NOT be available for on-demand resale later!

Your registration includes:

  • Live webinar plus recording (approx. 2 hours runtime).

  • An exclusive Christmas movie screenplay e-workbook (new, updated version).

  • An exclusive structure template that lays out the differences between TV and theatrical holiday movies, including the structural secret that makes Hallmark movies unique.

  • How to generate a submission list of the best production companies and studios for YOUR screenplay!

  • Christine’s review of your Christmas movie logline*.

  • UPGRADE OPTION: Add a private 30-minute zoom/phone consultation with Christine to discuss your concept and answer any question you may have.

*Christine’s notes will be sent to you confidentially via email. Your logline must be emailed by 12/09/23. Christmas movie loglines only, no other genres. You will be provided with the email address to send your logline after you register.


  • $99 Early Bird (you bought and wrapped your presents by Thanksgiving) Expires 11/24/23 5:00 pm PST

  • $129 Regular (you organized a Secret Santa so there’s no drama) Expires 11/30/23 5:00 pm PST

  • $149 Late (it’s Christmas Eve and you’re still at the mall!) Expires 12/02/23 10:00 am PST

  • +$100 Add a 30-minute phone/Zoom consultation with Christine!

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