Story Maps Screenwriting Podcast Episode #14 is an in-depth discussion of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the differences between the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). We talk about translating comic books to the big screen, from both a story and audience perspective and the influence of the profit motive on these hugely popular franchises. We praise certain aspects of the film, but we also complain about everything that is wrong with the film and the DC/Warner Bros approach to their superhero film slate, including current “Franchise Godfather” Zack Snyder, and we re-live the good ol’ days of Frank Miller and Christopher Nolan. We also lambast the Lex Luthor character in the film and the design of the Doomsday creature.

Ninja Turtle Doomsday

Once again, I am joined by Steve Lam, writer for BamSmackPow.com and TheStream.tv.

Steve Lam, comic book expert!

Our podcasts on superhero movies are unique in that they come from the perspective of the screenwriter and comic book fan. This one was recorded with Google Chat so you may behold our visages. Please don’t blame me for my Gene Wilder hair. I got a haircut the next day. Happy now?

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