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The Secret to the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark

I thought I knew everything about Raiders of the Lost Ark until I Story Mapped it out. There is essentially a “soft” climax — Indy and Marian are strapped to a pole and rendered inactive. The day is won, but not at the hand of Indiana Jones. Our big action-adventure hero is essentially inactive in the climax, or is he?


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Dan Calvisi’s Screenwriting Videos

Analysis of Interstellar:

Discussion of X-Men: Days of Future Past:

Cast and Creator of “Justified” on the show’s excellent writing:

Danny Devito and cast of Sunny in Philly talk about what they look for in a script:

Me on the structural secret behind the famous ending in The Sixth Sense:

More Screenwriting Videos.

Story Maps #2: The First Trial/ First Casualty!

The First Trial is the first test of the commitment that your protagonist made at the end of Act One when they made that active decision that pushed them and us into the second act. This must be a setback…a failure…thus there is a First Casualty…

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