Script Coverage/Screenplay Coverage is a 3-5 page report evaluating the quality and potential of a written submission to be a successful film for that particular production company. Final judgment is a Recommend, Consider, or Pass. Most script submissions are given a Pass (probably 9 out of 10). This can be for story or commercial reasons. Recommends are very rarely given; this is an extremely high grade and basically means the script is ready to shoot. There are many factors involved in passing this test. A script must not only be well-written, in fact it must be GREAT to stand out amongst the hundreds of submissions coming in the door, but must also appeal to the company’s commercial and thematic sensibilities. For example, your script might be a wonderful, fresh romantic comedy, but if that producer or executive is not looking to make a RomCom, then they will Pass. Online script coverage services that you can pay for are different. Personally, as a former studio reader for many top companies, I think you should avoid paying for screenplay coverage. Here’s why.