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In fact, each one of those categories in the Great Script list represents a great deal of study and practice. To truly understand each element is the first challenge and it takes time to get there. From there, the ability to implement each element on the page requires a strong focus, a raw instinct for story, a dedication to working hard over a long-term schedule and the helping hand of smart, experienced friends and mentors.

Even the pros have trouble pulling off all the elements of a great script. And even they need to show each draft to another reader as no writer, no matter their level, can be truly objective about their work.

I have so much to tell you about each one of the above elements that will help you look at movies and television in a new light.  Basically, I can hand you the keys to how the pros do it so that you can find out who exactly is behind the curtain pulling all the switches and turning the dials.

But wait!  There’s also those things you should not do.  And I have a list for that crap, too.

In fact, I have a bigger list that I’ve given my students for years, but here’s the majors, the dealbreakers…

Biggest mistakes (in no particular order of badness):

Lack of a clear theme
Passive protagonist
Story not actively moving forward
Lack of conflict
No “rootability” for your protagonist
No “clock”

Got it?  Good!

I mean…Great!

Because that’s the goal, right? To write a great one. I see no other way.

It’s going to be tough. It’s going to be rough. But it’s going to be exhilarating.

I’d love to help you get on your way, build your story with the strongest foundation possible and ultimately achieve your craft and career goals. If you’d like to work with me, please take a look at My Script Services and drop me a line.

Good Luck and Happy Writing!

Dan Calvisi


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