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“The Art Of Pitching” Panel In Los Angeles

I attended this panel on October 29, 2008 sponsored by the NYU Tisch “Writers’ Lab West” alumni group.  The panel offered a valuable range of opinion from members of different sectors of the business, all people who have heard many pitches…

  • Sean C. Covel, Independent Producer (Napoleon Dynamite, Beneath)
  • Maradith Frenkel, Creative Executive, Universal Pictures (Mamma Mia,Frost/Nixon)
  • Eddie Gamarra, Literary Manager & Producer, The Gotham Group (represents screenwriters, animators, novelists, and illustrators with an emphasis on animation, family and graphic novels.)
  • Chris Lawson, Executive, Creative Artists Agency (locates and develops source material to inspire new film and television projects for their clients.)
  • Ellen Sandler, Television Writer/Producer (Everybody Loves Raymond,Coach)

The following is my own collection of notes from the panel.  In some cases, I’ve identified the source of the comment. Read more

Pitching a Screenplay by a Pro

Northrop Davis has sold three movie pitches
to major film studios in Los Angeles.

I am proud to have him join us for a
guest column on pitching a screenplay…


First thing, why a pitch? We all know it’s very hard to sell one.  But it’s also terrifically difficult to sell a spec script.  Pitches take less time to develop (though far more than you’d think).  But that’s not the reason I like them.  I like them for feedback.  They allow you the opportunity to present your story to industry feedback, and “find the spine of your story.”

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