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Spec screenplay market for 2012 is up 10%

Quick jolt of positive ions here for you guys:

Spec Market guru Jason Scoggins reports today that December 2012 was a strong month for spec sales in Hollywood, and 2012 was even better. Read more

The Black List 2011 highlights the best spec screenplays of the year

The 2011 Black List is here! Congratulations to all of the writers who made the list.

For those who don’t know, the Black List compiles the “most liked” unproduced (as of voting time) screenplays of the year, as voted on by studio, agency and production company executives in Hollywood. What began as an underground project has become a major announcement for the development community that is reported on by sources such as The Hollywood Reporter.

Past winners like Juno and The Social Network have proven the list as a prescient judge of quality film storytelling. Read more