Spec screenplay market for 2012 is up 10%

Quick jolt of positive ions here for you guys:

Spec Market guru Jason Scoggins reports today that December 2012 was a strong month for spec sales in Hollywood, and 2012 was even better.

Recall that the 2012 Black List and 2012 Hit List came out relatively late in December,
followed by the unusually long holiday break. That combination meant the lists had less
effect on December 2012’s numbers than 2011, when several scripts sold within days of
the Black List announcement. We looking forward to seeing whether the Black List
Effect has a larger impact on January and February’s numbers this year than usual.

2012’s spec sale total ended up 10% higher than 2011’s record-setting pace.

In the meantime, it turned out December 2012 didn’t need the assist. The numbers
were stellar even before the lists were announced, as you can see belowwe’ll leave
you with this: 2012’s spec sale
total ended up 10% higher than 2011’s record-setting

Good news!

You can download this month’s Spec Market Roundup by Jason Scoggins & Cindy Kaplan here.

Good Luck and Happy Writing,


p.s. Notice how all of the screenwriters who sold scripts in December had reps? My goal with the Master Class this year is to get at least one of my students repped by a top-notch Manager and/or Agent, as this is the only way to truly get into the market with the big buyers. I’m planning to personally email one of the top lit managers in the industry this month with three of my Master Class students’ scripts. I’m currently accepting apps for the next round of classes and you can read the updated class information here.


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