Donate to the American Heart Association & Get Your Script Read by Daniel Vang of Benderspink

Our buddy Rob Rich over at Screenplay How To has an interview with screenwriter Joe Nienalt, who started up a program with his manager Daniel Vang of the venerable BenderSpink company to fight heart disease by giving free reads to any writer who makes a charity donation.

My advice to writers seeking to get reads would be to focus on the logline. Nine times out of ten the logline is what’s gonna generate the read. A good logline will also entice a rep to to conveniently ignore any unsolicited submission policy they might normally adhere to. No matter what they say, all these guys wanna find that diamond in the rough and polish it up.*

The deadline to make a donation is Friday, October 4th, 2013.

Read the interview and find out how you can gain major representation whilst fighting heart disease!

Good luck and happy writing,

Dan Calvisi

*Joe Nienalt’s advice on loglines makes me think of my Master Class, which is the only program that puts your loglines in front of current working professionals in the film industry, like managers, development execs and professional screenwriters.


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