Sex and the City movie screenplay analysis

My e-book Story Maps: 12 Great Screenplays includes a Full Story Map for the first Sex and the City movie, which is a great example of a well-written modern Romantic Comedy.

Sex and the City took proven, beloved characters from the television series and wove them into a classic Hollywood Romantic Comedy for the big screen. The first rule of the TV adaptation is “go bigger,” so they gave all of the women life-changing conflicts to navigate.

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As in the series, Carrie’s arc is the anchor—she’s the main Protagonist in this ensemble piece—and her relationship with Miranda is her most crucial friendship.

There’s a lot of ground to cover with so many characters and lines of action, but by utilizing active devices and extending Act Three, the script is up to the task. For the iconic character who always lived for fashion, the climax is the ultimate sacrifice, and a bold choice by the writer, to throw out the couture and get hitched in City Hall.

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