WEBINAR 09/19/12: Story Mapping the Films of Christopher Nolan (The Writers Store)

Calling all screenwriters, story analysts, fans of The Dark Knight, Inception, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, Memento, Insomnia and The Prestige:

I invite you to attend my upcoming Webinar hosted by The Writers Store: Story Mapping the Films of Christopher Nolan!


This Webinar includes a FREE CRITIQUE, a Q&A session and an exclusive Inception Story Map (you’ll notice that I’ve never uploaded a map of Inception in my various blog posts about the film, which many call Nolan’s masterpiece.)

If you’ve been listening to our Story Maps Podcast, then you’re familiar with how in-depth we can get with analysis of Nolan’s unique and complex story structures.

This webinar will bring it all together! I’m going to cover new, exclusive topics like the “Ask and Answer” sequence in Batman Begins, the “backwards structure” of Memento and the common threads that unite all of Nolan’s protagonists, from Leonard to Bruce Wayne to Cobb.


• How to write a Story Map for your screenplay or any other.
• How to develop a new concept from scratch, or diagnose problems in your existing script.
• How to break down major movies so you can use them as templates for your own screenplays.
• The structure of Christopher Nolan’s biggest movies, with an emphasis on his Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception.
• What readers look for in a spec screenplay.
• How to use theme and conflict to bind your protagonist’s pursuit of their dramatic goals.
• The detailed characteristics of each crucial story beat—where to place them and how to use them in your narrative.
• Essential story beats that appear in almost every major studio movie but have not been defined by any other source in such clear and practical terms, such as the First Casualty, Assumption of Power, and True Point of No Return.


• Writers who want to utilize the structure used by Hollywood pros.
• Writers looking for a more practical, industry-based approach to screenplay structure and outlining that applies to all genres.
• Writers who are developing a new concept and want to begin with the strongest foundation possible.
• Writers with a completed feature screenplay who want to locate issues that are holding the script back from reaching the “submission-ready” level.
• Fans of Christopher Nolan films like Memento, The Dark Knight Rises, and Inception who would like to learn more about how he crafts his stories.


Good Luck and Happy Writing,


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Story Maps: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay offers the secrets to mastering the structure and principles used by 95% of commercial movies so that you can learn to write a GREAT screenplay to BLOW AWAY THE READER!

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