Contest: Win a free Christopher Nolan Webinar spot!

For the next 24 hours, I’m giving away five free spots in my webinar Story Mapping the Films of Christopher Nolan, hosted by The Writers Store, on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 1:00 PM Pacific time.


This Webinar includes a FREE CRITIQUE, a Q&A session and an exclusive Inception Story Map. No question will go unanswered, and you do not need to listen live — you will be able to download the call for up to one year after the webinar.

TO WIN A SPOT IN THE WEBINAR: Email me one paragraph about your favorite Christopher Nolan film (filmography). Why you love it…why you feel it’s a good film…the story of the first time you saw it…it’s up to you.

Whatever you want to say about it, just be passionate, real, keep it to one paragraph and don’t bore me.

TO ENTER: EMAIL ME YOUR ONE PARAGRAPH NOW (with “webinar contest” in the subject line) BEFORE 3:00 P.M. PST ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18) — Winners will be selected by end of day Tuesday, September 18. I will email the winners directly at that time; I will not post their names on the web. I will not share your email with any other source and I will not add it to my e-newsletter list.

Good luck!

Dan Calvisi

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  1. Kevin Goulet
    Kevin Goulet says:

    As the film INCEPTION began it’s journey into my brain, I remember sitting in the crowded cineplex and one by one, the hairs standing up on the back of my neck with each bite of popcorn. Anytime a science fiction thriller offers us to take us on an adventure, show us glimpses of what might be possible in generations yet to come, it runs the risk of loosing its audience in the first 10 minutes. This Christopher Nolan film did not disappoint. INCEPTION is a work of art. Within moments of the beginning of the film and throughout, I found myself wishing I had a Tevo remote control button attached to my theatre seat. It’s a visceral experience; a wild ride that engaged my brain unlike any movie I’ve ever seen. And then, when Cobb is trying to go home to his children…, oh God…, it just about killed me. The emotional juggernaut INCEPTION forces on the viewer must not be missed. It will frighten you, put a smile on your face in the most unexpected of moments and ultimately bring you to tears.


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