The Americans: the next great show (Updated with Full Pilot embed)


I just wanted to throw out a quick recommendation to watch the debut of The Americans on FX on Wednesday, January 30 (in the U.S.). I’ve seen the first two episodes and I was really impressed. Great characters, a fascinating milieu, gritty visuals that recall a classic spy thriller, and LOTS of room to grow.



A ton of dramatic possibilities are launched in these first chapters and it will be exciting to see how the show develops. From what I’ve seen, I’d say it has the potential to be HBO quality. Personally, I find these characters and this 80s-era CIA intrigue to be more compelling than Showtime’s Homeland.

I hope you enjoy it.

Good luck and happy writing,


UPDATE: FX has made the complete pilot of “The Americans” available on Hulu for free. Watch it below now:

Click to read excerpts

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  1. mge3
    mge3 says:

    Incredibly well done pilot, Gavin O’Connor did a great job. The acting and writing were both top notch. The music immediately set the tone and even felt like an homage to the Miami Vice pilot (specifically, In The Air Tonight).


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