The Human Race indie horror film needs your help (Kickstarter)

Dear friends,
My friend, former NYU Film classmate and award-winning filmmaker Paul Hough is looking for audio finishing funds for his smart Horror/Sci-Fi feature THE HUMAN RACE before it premieres at the FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL in Montreal in July (Tarantino’s North American premiere of Inglorious Basterds was at this genre festival; it’s a huge platform for an indie horror film and an honor to be accepted).

See footage from the film and a testimonial by its star, one-legged actor EDDIE McGEE, at the link below. The film features a number of disabled actors, so in that sense it’s breaking down some barriers. But above all, it’s just a bad-ass horror movie with a really cool concept that is sure to find a cult audience.

I gave $$ and I encourage you to do the same, if you can spare it. Or just spread the word to your friends and social media networks. Thank you so much for your consideration. You can go here to watch their video and give:

THE “HUMAN RACE” KICKSTARTER TRAILER AND CAMPAIGN (Please note the incredibly charismatic extra on the right side of the screen, in the blue shirt and glasses, at exactly the 3 minute mark . The next George Clooney?)

The Human Race

About this project:

THE HUMAN RACE is a feature-length science fiction action horror film starring Paul-McCarthy Boyington and Eddie McGee. It is directed by Paul Hough.

“The Human Race is a film that surprised even us. It’s an absolute triumph of ingenuity in low-budget filmmaking, a smartly-scripted powerhouse that consistently plays against expectations to deliver an endearingly individualistic take on the genre. It takes a number of astonishing risks and it constantly introduces elements that would be used as manipulative devices in weaker films and then obliterates them without mercy.”
– Mitch Davis, FANTASIA Film Festival Co-Director

It has unique and groundbreaking characters which you just don’t see in any type of movie. One of the leads (played by Eddie McGee) stands out because he has one leg. Two other leading characters are deaf and speak with sign language.

The film could be described as an R-Rated thriller in the vein of The Hunger Games, Run Lola Run & Battle Royale. It is about a seemingly random chosen group of people who must take part in a surreal and terrifying race for survival.

THE HUMAN RACE is about 80 people who find themselves in a foot race. They are given rules –

If you are lapped twice, you will die.

Do not step on the grass, or you will die.

Race Or Die.

First and foremost, we think people will enjoy this movie!

The Human Race is extremely violent, edgy and unpredictable – a thrill ride we hope you’ll watch with a smile on your face!
And we hope also it may help change the way people view disabled actors in movies. Please CLICK to read the piece Eddie wrote for Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts. and his views on this.

THE HUMAN RACE has taken more than four years to make, and three years to shoot. It is now nearly ready to be screened and has been officially selected to World Premiere at The Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, Canada in late-July based on a submitted rough cut.

Right now, however, we are short on some major sound post-production needs, including foley and sound design – as well as missing several key visual effects. The film is very heavily reliant on sound which we unfortunately haven’t been able to do ourselves. This is vital for the completion and presentation of the film at such a major festival and thereafter. We have lined up some amazing professionals who have cleared their time should we be able to raise the funds by the end of the next two weeks.

THE HUMAN RACE is much more than your average film. It is exciting, emotional and above all, unpredictable. 90 minutes of a complete unique experience.

Writer/director Paul Hough made a short film with Eddie McGee called The Angel which won multiple film festival awards, including Best Short Film at The London Sci-Fi Film Festival.

We all hope THE HUMAN RACE can become a cult movie and hope that if HUMAN RACE screens successfully it could not only open up doors for the filmmakers and actors, but open up people’s minds in creating roles for other talented and unique actors.

We wouldn’t be asking for help unless we truly needed it.

Eddie McGee & Paul Hough

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