Unsolicited Submission

An Unsolicited Submission is a screenplay submission that is not coming from a professional source (an agent, lawyer, or manager). Many production companies and studios refuse to read unsolicited submissions, but they all keep a Submission Release Form on hand for when they get tempted by a new writer with a fantastic logline.

Keep in mind that many agencies and management companies also employ a “No Unsolicited Submissions” rule, so you need an agent to get an agent!  The way around this is to network and meet repped writers so they will give you a referral to their agent or manager.

The common wisdom is that managers are more likely to read material from new writers than agents but it is my experience that they can be just as tough to get to. The first step is to win over their assistant and get them to accept your submission.

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  1. JoshOne
    JoshOne says:

    The real reason is Hollywood has their favorites already. The same crew and genres over and over again that writes the same stuff over and over again with the occasional switching of actors for roles. It’s the same Spider-man redo’s over and over again. It’s a White run mafia style dugout full of phonies that see money and don’t want to open the door for others. Who makes them geniuses? Because they made some money? Wherever money is in the scope you can bet they are adjusting the lens. They are a bunch of phonies. They cover themselves by “we do not take unsolicited material” because they have been sued many times for actually stealing others works and not giving the credit where it should be given. So now agents and producers and managers do not take material. Not just the actors anymore. It used to be just the actors wont accept the material. Now the agents wont either. lol. So to protect themselves they have their favorite cronies on hand to keep writing crappy movie scripts over and over again. How many times are you going to do Spider-man and Fantastic 4? lol. It’s all a joke. This is why i do not pay to see any films in the theater and I do not pay to watch any films anymore. I’m not giving them devils my money. I bet this wont get printed. lol.


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