Boot Camp Contest! Win a Free Spot in my “Story Map Your Feature Film” boot camp!


Here’s your last chance to win one of TWO FREE SEATS in this weekend’s  “Story Map Your Feature Film” boot camp with Screenwriters University. This is a $199 value!

Be one of the first two people to email me [dan at]  the answers to the following trivia questions:

  1. Carl the old man uses what objects to make his home fly?
  2. What film’s Story Map contains only one goal? (Hint)
  3. A map of what city is shown on the cover of my first book? (Hint)
  4. What lyric does Huey Lewis sing in the opening of our Back to the Future Podcast?
  5. I recently retweeted a set photo from Bad Robot on Twitter from the set of what film?
  6. Name the two characters staring at the pile of money here.
  7. Jack Warner famously said of screenwriters, “They’re schmucks with…what?”

I will reply to you only if you win. If you’d like to sign up for the course, the site is now live but you still have plenty of time to watch my 45 minute video lecture and download the worksheet before Sunday’s Q&A at 1:00 pm PST, so…

I hope you can join us!

Good Luck and Happy Writing,


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