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Ben Affleck Batman vs. Superman

Dear screenwriters,

It’s been quite a day for superhero news: we got a first look at Ben Affleck as Batman (pic above) from Zack Snyder and David Goyer’s upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” movie, the news broke about Channing Tatum starring as Gambit in an upcoming X-Men spinoff movie, and ABC announced another Marvel comics-inspired show, “Agent Carter,” will join its Marvel’s Agents of Shield in the 2014-2015 TV season.

Is it safe to say that superheroes are employing a lot of screenwriters? Sure looks like it.

Amidst this super-heroic entertainment firestorm, I invite you to check out my latest webinar, WRITING THE SUPERHERO MOVIE, live on May 15, 2014 at 1:00 pm pacific time and streaming thereafter, and if you’re interested in winning a FREE SPOT in the webinar, take a crack at my contest…using the video below as a guide

The first responders to answer these 5 TRIVIA QUESTIONS CORRECTLY will win a free seat in the webinar.

1) Name 5 movies mentioned in the video above.

2) Name three of the major themes explored in superhero movies. (Hint: 35:00)

3) Name the comic book and issue # in which the black Spider-Man suit first appeared. (Hint: 51:45)

4) Name two of the three main types of villains. (Hint: 25:00)

5) Which character appeared in the first, big credits tease of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? (Hint: 13:00)

6) Optional Tie-Breaker: Name the female Marvel superhero character to soon star in her own Netflix series.

EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS WITH THE SUBJECT LINE “superhero webinar contest” TO: dan @ actfourscreenplays dot com.


Good luck!



superhero-webinar-logo-2-thumb12 Techniques for Subverting Superhero Movie Cliches…the three main types of Villains…how to use Lines of Action, Character Arcs, Goals…the genius of the Marvel Cinematic Universe…writing your own unique superhero genre script…and more! OnDemand Edition of WRITING THE SUPERHERO MOVIE now on sale. 


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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    I took this webinar and it’s great. Very informative and motivating. I finally have a plan in dusting off that old superhero screenplay and rewriting it. This webinar gave me a lot of new ideas on creating a compelling character. I highly recommend it to anyone dreaming of creating their own superhero franchise. There are lots of webinars and tutorials out there, but none are geared towards superhero subject-matter. Dan Calvisi’s webinar fills this niche. It’s chock full of good information delivered in an entertaining way.


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