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  • Write a GREAT SCRIPT in a supportive group environment from the comfort of your home with guidance from a PROFESSIONAL SCRIPT DOCTOR.

8 WEEKS of firm DEADLINES and FEEDBACK on each week’s assignment from myself and your peers, using the simple yet powerful Story Maps method used by 95% of commercial movies.

To get on the waitlist for the next workshop, please EMAIL ME.

I’ve taught this workshop several times in the past and never had a dissatisfied student. The method is so simple — the entire class is taught via personal email threads (no auto-emails!) — and the feedback is so strong that you can’t help but finish the course on firm ground with your new screenplay. I’ve done my research and I’ve found that the majority of online screenwriting courses only give you instructor feedback on one assignment, if at all (some are just recorded lectures or videos), or they are an exorbitantly-priced degree program.

If you are looking for a more streamlined, practical, interactive, industry-based course to develop your unique concept into a rock-solid outline and kick-ass first 30 pages, this is the workshop for you.


  1. New Writers (written 0-1 feature specs)

  2. Advanced Writers (written 2 or more feature specs)

  • SIZE: 4-6 STUDENTS in each Track

  • YOU SET YOUR OWN GOAL: a complete Story Map… 30 pages of script… 60 pages of script… some past students have even finished a complete first draft in 8 weeks. It only depends on how hard you want to work.

This workshop is taught exclusively via personal email threads (no auto-emails!) wherein you get direct contact with me and your fellow writers and you receive notes on EVERY ASSIGNMENT.


Here’s the basic schedule for the 8 weeks …

  • Week 1 Logline
  • Week 2 Basic Story Map
  • Week 3 Full Story Map
  • Week 4 Complete Scene List
  • Week 5 Pages 1-10
  • Week 6 Pages 10-20
  • Week 7 Pages 20-30
  • Week 8 Final Assignment: Revised Act One

To get on the wait-list for the next workshop, EMAIL ME.

I hope to work with you soon!

Good Luck and Happy Writing,

-Dan Calvisi

Daniel Calvisi

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