New Story Maps Screenwriting Podcast with working screenwriter Christine Conradt

Screenwriter/Producer Christine Conradt joins Rob and I for the latest episode of the Story Maps Screenwriting Podcast, a casual discussion touching on many topics of interest for writers and filmmakers: Structure, concept, networking, budgets, breaking in, the Lifetime Movie Network, MOWs, Inktip, Kickstarter and more.

Christine gives a lot of great advice to aspiring screenwriters, drawing on her experience with her 38 produced writer credits, and talks about her upcoming directorial debut and, of course, Christopher Nolan.

 Listen to our conversation with Christine Conradt:


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COMING SOON: Christine joins us again for our next episode as we dive back into Nolan territory to analyze his landmark psychological thriller, Memento.

Good Luck and Happy Writing,

Dan Calvisi

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