Iron Man 3 bonus Story Map included with Summer Blockbusters webinar

Summer movie season 2013 launched with the record-breaking $175 million opening of IRON MAN 3 and I’m already busy in the labs mapping it for my upcoming webinar with The Writers Store: STORY MAPPING THE SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. PDT.

Sign up now at the Early Bird Price of $69 and your ticket will include my exclusive Iron Man 3 Story Map and my critique of your Basic Story Map.

If you aspire to write big popcorn movies, this webinar is a MUST.

Learn the structural secrets of several recent franchise films like THE AVENGERS, THE HUNGER GAMES, THE DARK KNIGHT, STAR TREK, THE HOBBIT, DISTRICT 9, BRIDESMAIDS, TED and THE HANGOVER — how they employ conventional structure and how they break the rules.

Learn more and sign up now before the price goes up at The Writers Store. If you can’t listen live, your ticket includes a link to the archived recording of the webinar.

Good Luck and Happy Writing,

Dan Calvisi

Special Offer on Story Maps E-Books

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