The Sixth Sense script

Sixth Sense Script

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One of the greatest tools for learning the craft of screenwriting is writing Story Maps of your favorite films. When I was working as a professional Reader back in the day I wrote coverage on the original spec script of The Sixth Sense the night before it was to sell for over $3 million in a bidding war. Although I wrote an analysis of the script, it would be years before I truly understood why the “big ending” works so well in terms of the overall narrative structure.

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The famous surprise ending of The Sixth Sense is oft-misinterpreted as a trick ending that M. Night Shyamalan threw in merely for shock value.

Sixth Sense Script

The truth is that it fulfills Malcolm Crowe’s Internal Goal as part of a triple climax that resolves all of the major lines of action.

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I encourage you to write Story Maps for your favorite films to unlock the structure and craftsmanship that makes them work so well.

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Good luck and happy writing!


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