What are readers saying about Story Maps: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay?

Dear screenwriters,

I’m getting lots of positive reviews from my readers on the e-book and the booster pack and I’d like to share some of them with you.

“I vowed I’d never look at another story map/plot plan/paradigm etc. again because they seem to throw me in a different direction each time I read one. But your examples guided rather than confined me, so I broke my own rule.”
-Beverley M.

“Your book is by far the best one on the topic that my wife and I have seen. My background is academic writing.   I have written several books and many papers in the area of philosophy of education. I can say with some expertise, you are a natural teacher. The essence of good teaching is giving direction to tendencies already present. Anyone who already has the urge, drive, or passion to write screenplays cannot find better direction than that presented in Dan Calvisi’s Story Maps.”
-Jerome Popp, Professor Emeritus

“Really love your books.  I pretty much have every type of screenwriting book out there.”
-Phil C.

“I’ve read Story by McKee and a few other books etc. and they are very helpful but I’ve been trying to write for a while and always get stuck when it comes to moving things forward past the first few scenes.  I always said to myself, Can’t someone just break down a movie in bullet point format so I can see how the thing is supposed to progress – much like writing a memo – so I can visualize the structure better? Looks like you’ve done that and that’s what led to the purchase.”
-Ramesh G.

“I stumbled upon your site as I was searching for different methods to write a screenplay. I have to say that I really like your method and look forward to applying it to my current project.  I have written before but never a screenplay.  My fiancee is a cinematographer and he pitched a story and believes I can write a great screenplay for it.  Hopefully, with this I can. Thanks again!”

“To be able to read something before committing to buy…is the greatest marketing technique for e-books. (And why I also bought a Kindle) . I notice you let people read excerpts from your book at your website (which is great).”
-Ralph L.

“One of the most practical guides that I have seen and I’m not just KILLING ‘YOU WITH KINDNESS (AND/OR STROKING YOUR EGO!) Most books or online info is just the same stuff rehashed and packaged in a different cover. I can actually use this stuff and apply it to my work. Looking forward to sending you some questions. Thanks.”
-Matthew M.

If you’d like to contact these readers for reference, I can put you in touch with them.

Here’s more endorsements for my classes and consultations: Testimonials.

Good Luck and Happy Writing!


The E-Books Story Maps: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay and Booster Pack #1 include Full Story Map analyses of 19 hit movies, primarily from the last decade.

These successful films are great examples of professional screenwriting in many different genres and budget levels aimed at varied audiences. I stand by each title as a strong example of its genre and as a primer to learn the screenwriting craft at the level that you need to be: the “submission ready” tier that makes a good script into a GREAT script.

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