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Literary Manager Lee Stobby now added as a Master Class advisor!

Dear writers,

The Story Maps Master Class has always featured the exclusive benefit of giving writers feedback on their loglines from industry professionals like development executives, sold screenwriters and major agency professionals. My goal from the start has been to get my writers read, repped and sold, and I’ve always promised them that if they complete their script and get it to a submission-ready level, I will pass it on to my contacts in the industry. I can’t guarantee success or even that a script will be accepted to be read by my contacts, because it’s always contingent first on their interest in the logline and genre, but I can assure you that I will never stop advocating for my writers. Read more

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Story Maps Master Class: Write, Rewrite, Submit!

The Story Maps Master Class is for serious screenwriters who are willing to dedicate themselves to writing a winning screenplay for the current spec script market in Hollywood.

July 2013 UPDATE: The current Group Master Class is now full, but I encourage you to contact me to get on the wait list for the next group class or I can check my schedule for a private coaching slot. My newsletter subscribers receive discounts on master classes, so sign up if you haven’t already. See the Master Class page for more information and how to apply. Read more