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Dear writers,

The Story Maps Master Class has always featured the exclusive benefit of giving writers feedback on their loglines from industry professionals like development executives, sold screenwriters and major agency professionals. My goal from the start has been to get my writers read, repped and sold, and I’ve always promised them that if they complete their script and get it to a submission-ready level, I will pass it on to my contacts in the industry. I can’t guarantee success or even that a script will be accepted to be read by my contacts, because it’s always contingent first on their interest in the logline and genre, but I can assure you that I will never stop advocating for my writers.

It’s my goal to build the Master Class brand so the industry knows it is the stamp of quality writing and a go-to source for emerging screenwriters. One of the keys to that is exposing my writers to current, working professionals in Hollywood, especially managers who can help them to further develop their material for the market and to hone their skills “in the room” for the inevitable meetings that result from a great spec script making the rounds in town.

I’m excited to announce that literary manager Lee Stobby of Caliber Media Co. is coming on board to act as a Senior Advisor to the Story Maps Master Class. Lee will give Master Class writers feedback on loglines, pitches and the industry. He’s here to not only expertly critique your craft but to educate you on the business of screenwriting. Perhaps most exciting of all, for those who complete their screenplay and get it to a high level of quality, he will read and consider it for representation.

Please keep in mind that not every writer in the program completes their screenplay and I want to stress that there is no guarantee of Lee’s evaluation of your completed screenplay. But I can tell you that he’s exactly the type of Manager that an emerging writer wants on their team — he’s young, hungry, energetic and he has a deep Rolodex forged while working for a number of top companies. Let’s learn more about Lee.


Manager Lee Stobby

Lee Stobby

Lee Stobby began his Hollywood career working for Misher Films (PUBLIC ENEMIES, THE RUNDOWN), Double Feature Films (DJANGO UNCHAINED, CONTAGION) and then talent manager Sandra Chang at Industry Entertainment, whose clients include Sam Worthington, Paul Dano and Michelle Dockery. Working in this high-octane environment allowed Lee to read hundreds of pro scripts, assist in many huge deals and contribute to all facets of countless produced films.

Lee is now working at Caliber Media Co. as a literary manager, representing writers and directors and sharing clients with every major agency (CAA, WME, UTA, Resolution, etc). Clients include Lindsay Stidham who co-wrote the Sundance hits DOUCHEBAG and SPOONER for Drake Doremus, Kaare Andrews who directed the upcoming CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO, S. Craig Zahler who has scripts with Michael Mann and Park Chan-Wook set to direct, filmmaker Rodney Ascher whose documentary ROOM 237 was the talk of Sundance and Cannes, and writer/director J. Mackye Gruber (THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, FINAL DESTINATION 2).

Lee is also a producer, including the upcoming feature ABBY IN THE SUMMER, which stars Jaime Pressly, Robin Thicke, Frances Conroy and Joey Lauren Adams.

In 2013, Lee proved he has a keen sense of talent and material when he signed screenwriters before they placed high in major contests: Kate Trefry who won the Tracking Board contest with her script “Pure O,” Robin D. Fox after reading his screenplay “The Bright and Hollow Sky” which was chosen for the first annual Black List screenwriting lab, and Turner Hay who placed in this year’s Samuel Goldwyn Awards and recently signed with WME.

Lee also makes time to serve on juries and panels for top screenplay contests and industry events. His passion for film and great writing shines through in everything he does. Above all, Lee is all about the writer. Yes, he’s interested in a slam-dunk spec script sale, like any manager, but what sets him apart is that he responds most of all to a writer’s voice on the page and he’s dedicated to helping a writer develop over time.

Interested in joining the Story Maps Master Class? Please go here for more information and contact me asap to inquire about scheduling.

Good luck and happy writing,
Dan Calvisi

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